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Essential Oils & Hair Loss: Placebo or Actually Effective?

Essential oils. Basically the modern day equivalent of the holy grail. They’re used in everything from cosmetics to food and more. However, the use of essential oils for almost everything didn’t start today. Actually, it dates back to Egypt, around 4500 B.C. The ancient Egyptians used them in cosmetics and ointments.

Today, essential oils are used for several purposes ranging from skin care, hair care, pharmaceuticals and even beverages! We’ll be exploring the hair care angle in this article, specifically to establish if essential oils help at all with hair loss, or if they’re just a placebo.

So, are essential oils are actually effective?

Short and straightforward answer: Well, sometimes. They do work, at least according to some studies conducted over the years. However, results will vary per person.

Studies Conducted On The Effectiveness of Essential Oils

1. A 1998 study published in Jama Dermatology Archives used a blend of several essential oils namely: cedarwood, lavender, thyme, and rosemary oils to test 86 patients for the effectiveness of said essential oils against alopecia areata. The results? 44% of the patients tested showed improvement in hair growth compared to the rest of the group. The results were enough to indicate using essential oils for hair treatment was safe and effective.

2. Another study in 2014 published in the National Library of Medicine tried to establish the effectiveness of peppermint oil in promoting hair growth. The test subjects were 7 mice and they showed great improvement in hair growth, with the highest being a 92% increase in hair by week 4 of the tests, thus establishing peppermint oil as a firm competitor in the hair growth industry.

3. A controlled-randomized study was carried out in 2015 where rosemary oil was tested against minoxidil. The group was divided into two, with half of the participants using rosemary oil, and the other minoxidil for the entire span of the study.

This study lasted for 6 months, with the participants reporting for evaluation at the third month, and then finally at the end of the sixth month. The study didn’t find any improvement for the first three months, but by the end of the six-month study, both groups recorded ‘significant improvements’ in hair growth, compared to the previous three months and the baseline of the study.

What these studies show is that some essential oils can be effective for treating certain hair loss conditions. However, they should not be a replacement for seeing a professional in case you have a severe hair condition.

What essential oils can you use for hair loss?

Obviously, you can’t go flying in blind and just pick any oil you see for use on your hair. There have been particular essential oils that have been identified to help with hair loss (or growth). They are:

1. Peppermint Oil

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Peppermint oil is an effective treatment for a variety of scalp conditions, including dandruff and dry scalp. It also helps prevent hair loss in men, which is why it’s such a popular ingredient for hair products—especially those marketed toward men. Peppermint oil works by stimulating blood flow to the scalp, which helps to increase circulation and promote healthy hair growth.

Peppermint oil is rich in antioxidants like vitamin E and vitamin C, which are both great at fighting off free radicals that damage your scalp and make it more difficult for your hair follicles to grow new ones. In fact, research has shown that peppermint oil can protect against oxidative damage caused by the sun—which is another reason why it’s so great for treating alopecia areata (a condition where patches of hair fall out).

2. Cedarwood Oil

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Cedarwood oil for hair loss is a wonderful treatment that can be used to help you keep your hair under control. It has been used for centuries as a treatment for hair loss and other scalp problems.

The oil is made up of cedarwood, which is known to help with many things including irritation of the scalp, hair loss, dandruff, dry skin and more. It also has antibacterial properties that will help prevent infections and promote healthy skin on your scalp.

There are many different methods to use cedarwood oil for hair loss but one of the most common ways is to apply it directly onto your scalp. You can either apply it with your fingers or use a brush and brush through it into your scalp. You should then leave it on for about 30 minutes before washing it out with warm water.

3. Rosemary Oil

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Rosemary oil has antifungal properties that may help prevent scalp infections and other types of fungal growth. The oil also has an antioxidant effect that helps to fight free radicals and prevent damage from premature aging.

Rosemary is rich in vitamin C, which improves collagen production in the hair follicles and promotes new cell growth. The rosemary essential oil contains alpha-pinene, beta-pinene, limonene, d-limonene, linalool, linalyl acetate, geraniol and cineol.

4. Lavender Oil

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The essential oil of lavender has been used for centuries as a remedy for hair loss. Lavender oil has antifungal and antibacterial properties, which may help to treat conditions like dandruff and dry scalp.

Because lavender oil can be applied directly to the scalp or used as a shampoo, it’s easy to use and safe enough that even children can use it safely without any risk of adverse side effects. Just be sure to dilute lavender oil with a carrier oil before applying it to your scalp or hair!


Should you use essential oils? Our answer is yes. They can be a great addition to your hair care regimen and they can help keep your scalp healthy. Also, no serious side effects have been identified from their use so far. So, why not?

Here at SCALPPRO, we offer Scalp Micropigmentation, a new, innovative treatment for hair loss. And from time to time, we recommend essential oils to our clients as well!

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